Connectors and Hardware

Military Grade Connectors consist of Fiber Optics, Rectangular and Circular Connectors, each of which are built to the highest specifications.  Their rugged design protects the connectors from harsh environmental factors which allows them to be used in both Military and Aerospace applications.  1-Source is an authorized distributor of Mil-Spec connector series with various configurations of components.

Fiber Optic connectors provide solutions for communication systems which are the global standard in the military market.  Rectangular Connectors are used when space is the primary concern.  They do not provide the same environmental protection as Circular Connectors.  They generally are used for Mil-Spec and Commercial applications for power and engine designs.  Circular Connectors are often used in Military hardware and Aeronautics.

With our ISO certification in 2012, 1-Source provides our clients with superior terminal boards, bolts, screws and other products that exceed our clients and industry regulated requirements.